Bosch C7 Batteries Chargers Tools Kit's

Bosch Car Battery Charger

 vehicle Compatibility-passenger cars and commertial vehicles

ideal for 12V car batteries and 24-V commercial batteries

automatic detection of battery types weather 12V or 24V

regulative function for deeply discharged batteries,

Bosch Car Battery Charger

simple and intuitive to operate'operating errors are virtually excluded

provide convenient navigation-with a central adjusting button

monitor themselves with an innovative safety concept

convenient single-button operation battery charger

suitable for lead-acid,AGM,wet,and gel batteries

Intelligent monitoring and automatic charging'controlled by an internal MCU (microcomputer unit)

charging cable with plug-in connection: easy to detach, easy to reconnect

ergonomic handling,rugged,reliable and robust design

high quality of cables and terminals: protected against dust and splashes.

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