The Perfect Microphone for Youtubers With Boya MM1 Shotgun

BY-MM1 is a popular mini shotgun microphone for recording,
BY-MM1 is a professional mini shotgun microphone for Phone,Sony, Canon Cameras,DSLR,PCs,Smartphone,etc 

BOYA MM1 comes out in compact size and lightweight aluminium constructure,it will not be a heavy burden while shooting.

Plug and Play design,no need to worry the battery status.

BY-MM1 is a popular mini shotgun microphone for recording,

 Included inside with a anti-shock mount, which can effectively reduce unwanted vibration,cable and handling noise.Also included a furry windprooof shield,which specially used for minimizing the wind and environmental noise for outdoor recording,making sure the sound crystal clear.

Compact on-Camera microphone

Compatiable with smartphone,DSLR, Cameras,Consumer,Camsorders,PCs,etc

Rugged metal construction

No battery required

BY-MM1 is a popular mini shotgun microphone for recording,perfect for first time audio recorders,it pick up sounds and filters out white noise much better than the on board microphone of most canon DSLRs

Compatiable with Smartphones IOS and Android,Tablets,DSLR Cameras, consumer camcorders,Audio Recorders,Amazing Mic for YouTubers and Vlogger

Compact and Lightweight Directional Mic, Perfect Mini Mobile Microphone.

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