LG OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV The Looks Awesome

LG OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV The Looks Awesome
LG ThinQ AI TVs are the only TVs with the Google Assistant and Alexa built-in'LG ThinQ fully integrates the voice assistants you already use.Some features require 3rd party subscription or account.
LG OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV The Looks Awesome
The same content can look different depending on which display technology a TV has.LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that turn on and off to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast.LED and Mini LED TVs use backlights that are not self-emissive.This means they can't create perfect black and can also suffer from the halo effect.Self-lit pixels don't have this problem'there's no light bleed and no halo, so you get perfect black and better image quality.

LG OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV The Looks Awesome
Self-lit pixel technology allows LG OLED TVs to be ultra-slim with perfect picture quality. By contrast,LED and Mini LED TVs use backlights combined with numerous other display layers,which affect both screen thickness and picture quality. Backlights also create the halo effect and prevent TVs from displaying perfect black. It doesn't matter how many backlights are used or how small they are,LED still can't compete with OLED.Self-lit pixels can show the tiniest star in the darkest sky with absolute precision and clarity. 

4K processor uses AI and deep learning to authentically upscale lower resolution content,translating the source to 4K's 8.3+ million pixels.The technology is so good, you might mistake non-4K for true 4K Image quality of upscaled content will vary based on the source resolution. 

Dolby Vision IQ automatically adjusts picture settings depending on ambient lighting conditions and content genres. Dolby Atmos puts you in the middle of the action with multi-dimensional surround sound that seems to flow all around you.

NVIDIA G-SYNC'and FreeSync'gives you an edge with less lag,high refresh rates, and incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay.FreeSync software update required.NVIDIA G-SYNC is compatible with RTX 20 and GTX 16 graphics cards. Older GPUs will not support G-SYNC compatibility.

With a low input lag and fast 1ms response time,get ready to play in full-force with reduced blurring and added clarity.HDR gaming drops players right into the action for a new level of immersive gaming. 

And only OLED pixels emit their own light for perfect black,intense color and stunning picture'backed by AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro,our best 4K processor, connected home features and cutting-edge gaming tech.

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